I am austin adams


Crazy. Driven. Passion. Austin’s love for music comes from the songs he sings and the stories he shares.A musician but also a person, Austin’s musical craft and prowess is defined as much with style as it is with heart.

More than just your average artist, Austin’s passion is writing and singing songs that create connection and carry memories. Whether it’s making a beat, strumming a chord, or striking a key, every note played is chance to bridge the gap between singer and listener. To start a relationship, share a point of view, and create something new.

Each of us have a story, one that we continue to write everyday. Austin Adams is the kind of artist that creates music not only to discover and experience that story but also to share it.




News & Updates

Austin and his company will be launching the first ever national tour - Color Spectrum concert series! The tour will serve as Austin’s way of giving back to the independent scene. Color Spectrum will feature several different genres of music as observed within the name. You will get a taste of many different colors of music presented to you in a major way. Color is here.



by Austin Adams

Color is here... Soon!

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